Deploying License-Free Wireless Wide-Area Networks

Author: Jack Unger

Publisher: Cisco Press

ISBN: 1587050692

Tis book describes the planning and setup of a wireless network using 802.11b or 802.11a technologies. There is a fair amount directly applicable background on antennas, site survey and planning techniques. The book does not go into the very basics of e.g. antenna theory, but provides enough knowledge to select the right antenna, and do planning of a wireless network in different physical locations.

The book is, altough some basic knowledge in the field may come in handy, suitable for both the newbies and the more experienced people. Wireless network deployment contains of a very broad spectrum of topics, ranging from site survey, selecting gear, to setting up the actual network and routing. The last two subtopics are not the main focus of this book. The site survey and physical selection of the equipment end the building of the site setup are covered in the first couple of chapters.

Altough this book is published by cisco press there are no direct pointers to cisco equipment. All examples are not vendor specific, the book describes the concepts and technologies used to deploy a network in a vendor-neutral manner.

People who are getting started with building a wireless network will certainly benefit from this book. Esp. the networking people, for whom all RF stuff can be "magic". Alought the topics are covered quite comprehensive, i'd rather have some more physics background here and there to complete the understanding.

Each chapter contains a number of questions. Altough not directly a course textbook I think it really can come in handy to provide some background.

The book is wel worth reading in the planning phase of a network, and also in deployment when selecting equipment and antennas. Recommended !

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