for debain user to get serial console (client side) running 1. run "apt-get install ckermit" on your cmd-line

for freebsd user:

1. use a precompiled binary

pkg_add -r kermit

OF. use ports to build from source

cd /usr/ports/admin/*kermit*
make install

Then for both

2. create .kermrc file:

cd ~
pico/ee/vim/vi .kermrc

# Debian
set line /dev/ttyS0
# FreeBSD, Solaris, SunOS, HPUP, AIX &.al.
set line /dev/cuaa0

set carrier-watch off
set speed 19200
set parity none
set file byte 8

On Debian:

3. of course adjust the "/dev/ttyS0" to your needs..

4. "chmod 766 /dev/tty0" or find another way to get acces to ttyS0

On FreeBSD

3. the /dev/cu* device is propably already part of the group called 'dailer'.

4. So edit /etc/group and add yourself to the user dialier

5. run "kermit" on your cmd-line

Een alternatief op FreeBSD is 'tip' te gebruiken. Deze is standaard geinstalleerd:

Voeg een regel toe aan /etc/remote

vi /etc/remote

En doe dan

tip soekris

Om er weer uit te komen doe 'return' ~. 'return' - zie 'man tip'.

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