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To buy the Soekris boards In Europe http://soekris.kd85.com/ or http://www.cortexsystems.net

In The USA http://www.soekris.com

FreeBSD on the Soekris:


  •         soekris:dv=/dev/cuaa0:br#19200:pa=none
    • and then use the command

        tip soekris
  • to access /dev/cuaa0 at 19200 baud. (Default is 8N1). To exit tip use

  • I.e. (return), tilde, period. Note however that the tilde is also the default escape character of for example ssh. So if you are logged in through ssh you'll have to use an extra tilde or start ssh as

        ssh -e none box
  • to avoid conflicts.

Note the scripts for CF control:

Or manually:

        dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ad8 count=2
        fdisk -BI ad8
        disklabel -w -B ad8s1 auto
        disklabel -e ad8s1
  • copy 'c' line into 'a' line and set the type. So it looks like:

     a:   600591        0    4.2BSD        0     0         # (Cyl.    0 - 694*)
     c:   600591        0    unused        0     0         # (Cyl.    0 - 694*)
  • Then format and copy

        newfs -b 8192 -f 1024 /dev/ad8s1a
        mount /dev/ad8s1a /mnt

                tar cf - src | tar xpvf - -C /mnt

Or use this script:

Or simply build a (bigger) picobsd release

  • cd /usr/src/release/picobsd/build
  • /picobsd router

Soekris Engineering net4521 groot plaatje, stokoude versie ingebouwd in een waterdichte doos en in doos, open.

Null modem kabel

Zie bijvoorbeeld: http://www.vikingdirect.nl/catalogSku.aspx?ID=X171B10&PR=QH7

Veranderen Seriele Snelheid

De Soekris komt met 19200 of 9600 8n1 uit de fabriek.

Standaard binnen wirelessleiden (en de IT industrie) is 9600, 8N1.

Voor FreeBSD:

  • BIOS van de Soekris. ctrl-P en dan set consolespeed XXX.

Indien je niet naar 9600 gaat, dan ook veranderen:

  • vi /etc/ttys en edit de ttys0 regel en verander daar de std.9600 in std.XXXX
  • options CONSPEED=XXX in de kernel config file

Voor tijdelijke wisselingen - edit /etc/sysctl.conf en zet daar in machdep.conspeed=XXXX

Using the LED on FreeBSD

Add /dev/soekris-errled device to control the Error-LED on Soekris cards/boxes.

    # turn LED off
    echo '0' > /dev/soekris-errled

    # turn LED on
    echo '1' > /dev/soekris-errled

    # flash LED (5 hz)
    echo 'f' > /dev/soekris-errled

    # flash LED (4/2 = 2 hz), syntax: "f[1-9]" -> .5 -> 4.5 Hz
    echo 'f4' > /dev/soekris-errled

    # flash digits 1,3 and 7, syntax: "d[1-9]*"
    echo 'd137' > /dev/soekris-errled

Using the Watchdog on FreeBSD

See http://svn.wirelessleiden.nl/svn/node-config/factory/trunk/soekris/watchdog for a sample watchdog.


Beschrijving van de 4521, van de Soekris website :

This compact, low-power, low-cost, advanced communication computer is based on a 133 Mhz 486 class processor. It has two 10/100 Mbit ethernet ports, up to 64 Mbyte SDRAM main memory and uses a CompactFlash module for program and data storage. It can be expanded using a MiniPCI type III board and up to two PC-Card/Cardbus adapters.

It has been optimized for use as wireless router using PC-Card wireless adapters, but has the flexibility to take on a whole range of different functions as a communication appliance. The board is designed for long life and low power.

It will be available in any volume in the standard version, and as board only or complete system inclusive a small metal box and wall mount power transformer. The board can be customized according to requirements when ordering higher volume.

Please note that the available standard case has cutouts for two RP-TNC Jacks for the external antennas, but does not include the connectors and cables. Also, the standard transformer available from soekris is a regular wall mount type, it is not a PoE (PowerOverEthernet) type.


  • 100/133 Mhz AMD ElanSC520
  • 16-64 Mbyte SDRAM, soldered on board
  • 1 Mbit BIOS/BOOT Flash
  • CompactFLASH Type I/II socket, 8 Mbyte FLASH to 1Gbyte IBM Microdrive
  • 1-2 10/100 Mbit Ethernet ports, RJ-45
  • 1 Serial port, DB9.
  • Power LED, Activity LED, Error LED
  • Mini-PCI type III socket. (t.ex for optional hardware encryption.)
  • 2 PC-Card/Cardbus slots, for wireless adapters
  • 8 bit general purpose I/O, 14 pins header (zie ook Gpio2TrimbleGPS)
  • Hardware watchdog
  • Board size 9.2" x 5.7"
  • Power either 5V DC fixed or 11-60V DC, max 14 Watt
  • Supports Power over Ethernet using proposed 802.3af standard
  • Operating temperature 0-60 °C


  • comBIOS for full headless operation over serial port
  • PXE boot rom for diskless booting
  • Designed for FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Linux
  • Runs most realtime operating systems


Gebruik voor de soekris een 1.2 A schakelende stekkervoeding (ingesteld op 9 V).

Verkrijgbaar onder typenummer UPA 1200, artikelnummer:511600-89 bij Conrad electronic http://www.conrad.nl

10 Mar 2003: power over ethernet oplossing: Volgens Mark Rottler <mark@slmindustries.com> werkt de 3com Network Jack PoE module, part number 3CNJPSE van Provantage.com goed ( ~$21 )

Metingen aan de voeding van een Soekris 4521

Soekris 4521 + Koboshi 64Mbyte CF kaart, running FreeBSD 4.8, geen MiniPCI kaartje
Conrad UP 1200 switched mode power supply, set to 9 VDC
Meetapparatuur: Stroom: Fluke 189 DMM, Spanning: Fluke 190 ScopeMeter

1. PCMCIA leeg (Geen PCMCIA kaartjes)
   0.236 A @ 9.04 V (kernel running, ping)
   0.520 A @ 8.84 V (kernel loading, peak)

2. PCMCIA 1 SMC 2632 Wireless pcmcia card
   0.410 A @ 8.90 V (Kernel running, ping over wireless)                
   0.650 A                (booting, peak)            

   0.330 A @ 8.98 V (Kernel running, wireless in Client mode, ping)

4. PCMCIA 2 SENAO 2511PLUS EXT 2 (1 AP, 1 client)
   0.410 A @ 8.91 V (Kernel running, ping over client kaart)       
   0.715 A                (booting, peak)

Aangezien het AP waar de wireless kaartjes aan connecten maar slechts 5 m weg stond zal bij moeilijkere condities er meer stroom lopen (De SENAO kaartjes zullen meer vermogen moeten maken om de link te handhaven, APC)

Battery Backup/UPS on Soekris 4521 van de Soekris Engineering, technical discussion mailing list:


Get a sealed lead-acid battery and a charger works with a parallel load.

For instance from these people [1]:

and you are all set.

I run a 4521 + GPS receiver + Rubidium standard off two 7Ah 12V batteries and that gives me a several hours holdover.

Poul-Henning Kamp <phk@phk.freebsd.dk>

Zie de website.


Your SANE easy, packaged way is a cheap UPS. Perhaps some hacking.

But first some options from radio land: http://www.seslogic.com/sunlogic.html and http://www.seslogic.com/microp.html

These are charger circuits. Intended for battery+ solar panel, but "solar panel" is simply a DC power source (like a 16VDC wall wart).

On the saner, easy path: My mom lives in brownout land (long windy road filled with trees and, this winter esp, ice storms every week).

I mocked that her VCR clock was blinking, but she knows that when she sets the VCR clock, it makes the power go out. There's science behind it. I gotta trust mom :)

I blew something like $40 on a little powerstrip UPS. Makes the VCR survive the typical 1-2 minute low power bumps.

It works, like most UPSs, with power into the wall, which charges the 12V battery. Good UPSs isolate wall from the plugs. Power goes out? The battery goes through an inverter to provide 120VAC.

You *could* snag 12V from the battery into a banana plug and power the soekris via that. That eliminates the typical 30% power loss from the inverter. You last longer.

If you go commercial, you get a nice package, a charger that works right, etc.

A bigger battery will not get you more power (more amperage), but can get you backup power LONGER. So my 1500Watt UPS which is starting to want a new battery (it keeps my systems alive for about 7 minutes which is enough to halt and powerdown) might get a large deep cycle battery which would give me hours of backup (but still a 1500 watt max load). Lots of batteries could keep me going for weeks, just no more than 1500 watts of load.

Chuck Yerkes <chuck+soekris@2003.snew.com> _ Soekris Engineering, technical discussion mailing list

seriele console onder debian GNU/LiNu x

Flashen van BIOS

  • - nodig: PC met serial port - terminal program capable of doing X-modem uploads - null modem cable - firmware files : 1.26a for upgrading pre 1.15 en 1.30 for upgrading 1.20 and up - Connect terminal to soekris - reboot soekris (set terminal 9600 /n/8/1 or 19200 /n/8/1 (newer boards)) - note bios version

    - <ctrl> P to get in command line - type download or download - (if just download fails) - Order terminal to upload (correct) firmware file, in xmodem protocol (note no translation: BINARY file) - After upload prompt (>) reappears - type flashupdate - watch screen to prompt reappears (max 1 minute) - type reboot, or power cycle

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